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We're personalizing food search based on your taste

Our Mission

Muffin is redefining how you discover your next favorite meal.

From the Michelin Guide's century-old ratings to Yelp's digital revolution in 2004, the way we choose where to eat has evolved. Yet, today's overflow of reviews often leads to more confusion than clarity.

Our mission is to simplify your search by using your taste data to match you with local dishes enjoyed by your neighbors.

Rediscover the joy of eating with Muffin, where every meal is an adventure.

Muffin Lore

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I had my dream job - a job where I traveled to cool cities, had good pay and even had a cool title. The work was challenging. I loved it.

But when you're traveling for work, it's not the same. You've got short deadlines and a mountain of work. Watching food videos and reading reviews in my hotel room made me feel like an airline pilot who used his phone a little too much.

This was the main problem - how can I find the best food in a city, without spending hours watching videos and reading reviews?

Well, with a little friendship, international travel, and persistence, Edward and I created Muffin. We all have our own unique tastes - so let's find the best dishes for us!

No more scrolling through endless reviews or settling for the same old restaurants.

We want to make finding food so easy it's like magic.

- Noah, Founder

Our Values 🧠 👀 💙

Authenticity - We are honest, respectful, and have integrity for how we work and handle relationships

Work Ethic - We understand that it is hard work but a privilege to have the opportunity to make a difference

Adaptability - We enjoy learning new skills and pushing our professional boundaries to innovate

Responsibility - We accept ownership of our work and take care of our team, our users, and our investors

Empathy - We think about our users and our team, always looking for ways to help and create a better experience